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Coffeetable Book: Winter

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

The Craft and the Makers. Tradition with Attitude.

Edited by D. Campbell, C. Rey, S. Ehmann, and R. Klanten

You may be wondering, What is a Coffee Table Book? The name says it all – it’s a must-have BOOK on your COFFEE TABLE in your living room. And we are excited to share our favorite ones with you.

Featuring for the month of November: The Craft and the Makers. Why we love this one? Because our philosophy and vision regarding the crafts and arts is aligned with theirs. Craft represents the pinnacle of quality within many fields, where human creativity and manufacturing meet. And it is high time to revalue craftsmanship and find new appreciation for craftsmen and -women who work with local and sustainably sourced materials that give their pieces a uniqueness and quality that is hard to match with mass production. The book reveals a glimpse into the wokings, personalities, products, and creative processes of crafts and their makers.

Now it feels more relevant than ever to keep supporting the local crafts, so that the wisdom and skills that have developed over centuries won’t be lost, but conveyed to the new generation.

Did we spark your interest? Is your coffee table feeling naked? We can highly recommend this read.

Danie & Leni

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