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Leni and Danie 

always on the hunt for a new treasure!

Don´t be eye candy, be soul food!

In a saturated market of home and interior goods, Leni and Danie aimed to create a space to display and emphasize on handcrafted, handmade and vintage lifestyle objects. A sustainable art of living in the 2020ies. All the items in our shop are handpicked, our producers audited and there are lots of pre-loved and new invented objects to make your home more valuable. We ship plastic free and use no middlemen to guarantee a low ecological footprint.

We like to keep resources to a minimum, our products are made-to-order and we don't overstock. There will not be steep discounts. We worship our products and who makes them!

details that make you happy

table cloth

bouquets that last

Art de Vivre

The art of living

As consultants we want to create spaces that feel like home. Warm and genuine.  Being extra considered in choices, uniquely picked and preferably without status. Homes that reflect the atmosphere of its inhabitants. A home is always just as worthy as the happiness it provides.  

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Women Empowerment

We love to work with women, and support

female entrepreneurship! Our producers are non-profit organizations helping women, our cooperations are women artists and businesses. 

Please feel free to contact us if you like to collaborate!

Murano Mushroom

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